DREAM investigators provide a range of training opportunities for students, ranging from summer studentships for undergraduate students to Post Doctoral training.

Training Environment for DREAM Trainees

This exciting program offers a unique opportunity for students to collaborate across various academic disciplines. Through a seminar series, annual symposium, hands-on laboratory experience and mentorship by experts in pediatric diabetes, you’ll gain a deep understanding of diabetes from multiple perspectives. These range from biology to clinical science, public health and patient perspectives. We use multidisciplinary approaches that span rodent models, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and bioinformatics in the fundamental research labs as well as clinical cohort studies, trials and epidemiology in the clinical research labs. You’ll work alongside fellow students, clinical and fundamental research scientists using team science to tackle the complex challenges of diabetes research.

Our researchers belong to a range of academic programs.

Training Opportunities

  • Collaborate
  • Networking and team building activities
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange
  • DREAM has funds available for trainee led activities (e.g. lectureships)
Professional Development
  • Foster leadership
  • Build transferable skills for modern workplace
Enhance Diabetes Knowledge
  • Learn about current research findings in diabetes
  • Communicate and get feedback about your research in a non-confrontational environment from colleagues and experts
  • Build cultural awareness
  • Learn new skills

Training Platforms

The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba provides an open and collaborative environment that enhances the professional development and mentorship of the next generation of researchers.   All DREAM trainees have access to the resources of the CHRIM Trainee Career Development Group. Find out more here.

We are also members of national training networks that provide links to researchers and trainees across Canada in order to maximize knowledge exchange and collaboration.