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The iCARE study is the largest cohort of youth with type 2 diabetes in Canada.  This patient oriented study was designed to understand the biopsychosocial determinants of kidney disease, the most common complication in youth with T2D.  iCARE is now following over 400 children living with type 2 diabetes across Canada.

About the Study

Who can participate?  

We are recruiting young people, age 10-17 living with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Why are we doing the study?

We want to understand why youth with T2D are at high risk for kidney disease.  Our patient partners have told us that mental health and access to healthy food is important, so we designed the questions to include these priority areas.

​What will you do in the study?

A research assistant will review all the details about the study either in person or virtually and get consent from you and your caregiver before you start.

We will measure your height, weight, waist circumference as well as collect blood and urine samples during the research visit.  You will receive an overall health assessment including how well your blood sugar is controlled, screening for high blood pressure, kidney, and liver disease, as well as for high cholesterol.  We will also measure signs of inflammation in your blood and some samples will be stored, only if you agree.

You will be asked to complete questionnaires about your medical and family history, what resources are available where you live, what keeps your community strong, how you stay active, and how you are doing with your mental health and coping.

​We conduct full assessments every 2 years, and collect a urine sample every year in between to see how your kidneys are doing over time.

​You will receive a copy of all your test results and whether there are concerns. A copy of the results will be sent to the parents/guardian and to the child’s family doctor to update their records.

Where and when will the study take place?

Where: Children's Research Institute of Manitoba if you are based in Winnipeg. Within your community, if you are based out of Winnipeg (where possible).  Youth can also participate in the study in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, and Halifax.

When: At a time most convenient for you and your family during the week.

Patients and Families

The iCARE study started in 2012 in Manitoba.  There was increasing evidence that youth, diagnosed with T2D were at much higher risk for early onset kidney disease that progressed to kidney failure in young adulthood.   

The overall goal was to better understand the most important risk factors for protein leakage in the urine, the earliest sign of kidney disease.   

In 2015 we started working with patients and their caregivers and learned that we need to focus more on the whole person to understand why youth were experiencing higher rates of kidney diseaseThe study then expanded across Canada to 7 new sites and changed to a biopsychosocial modelWe now ask about mental health, and social factors in addition to measuring biological things like blood sugar and blood pressure.


Our national group of participants (also called a cohort) is made up of people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before the age of 18 years old.  

If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our study please contact icare@chrim.ca or phone 204-789-3827.

Find out more about iCARE from our youth and researchers in this video

This book was written by teens and young adults living with type 2 diabetes (T2D) in Manitoba and Northern Ontario who are patient partners in the iCARE Study.

This book provides facts about type 2 diabetes and ways to help manage it.

This book shares the stories of young people who live with type 2 diabetes, and stories from their family members.

This book is a reminder that you are not alone.

iCARE Newsletter

The iCARE research study creates a newsletter in order to share updates, recent findings, and other exciting news related to the study. Click the newsletter button to view our most recent version. 

Our Patient Advisory Group worked together to create a video on what it is like to live with Type 2 Diabetes. 

Check out this interview on CTV that Shayna, one of our iCARE patient advisory group members did.

CTV Interview

There are blog posts about our patient advisory group, from the perspective of one of the co-investigators on the team, Dr. Brandy Wicklow (@bwicklow1), from one of the caregiver representatives, Jackie, and also from one of the youth, Shayna. These posts are by Leanne Dunne - Knowledge Translation & Patient Engagement health researcher for @DEVOTION_MB. Click on the links below to view the 3 blog posts! 

Building a Patient Advisory Group
Caregiver Perspective
Youth Perspective

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