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Diabetes Research


Diabetes can lead to a range of complications including atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, kidney disease and blindness. Bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, we are advancing the understanding of the complex interactions between type 2 diabetes in youth and its complications using the combination of clinical cohort studies, qualitative research, administrative data analysis and fundamental biomedical approaches.

Our Research

The iCARE research study began in 2012 and is helping to answer some big questions so that we can provide better treatment for young people living with type 2 diabetes and minimize complications (like kidney disease). This cohort studies young people who get type 2 diabetes before they turn 18.  We follow them when they are a child/youth and continue connecting into adulthood.  We are asking questions like:

  • Why are young people with type 2 diabetes at risk for kidney damage?
  • How can this and other complications be prevented?
  • What social, emotional and physical health factors play a role?


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