Current Recruitment for Research Studies

If you are involved in a healthy living clinic or program for children or youth, we want to hear from you!

We are doing a study to understand what resources are available to children and youth in Canada who are living with obesity. This survey is an update of a study that was conducted approximately 5 years ago.


We would like to know what kinds of programs currently exist across Canada so that we can create an online list of services available to children and youth living with obesity. We aim to showcase the important elements of each program and its location on a website that can be accessed by the public and healthcare providers.


We understand you are busy but we greatly value your input, and hope you also see the benefit in contributing to our knowledge about the services provided for children and youth living with obesity.


Please click HERE to fill out a survey. Please share this with others who should fill out the survey.


To fill out the survey in French, please click HERE.


Want more information?

Email: or call 204-272-3119.

You can read more about the study here.


Before you go: If you are involved in a healthy living program in Manitoba, a Manitoba-specific survey will be available soon! Stay tuned, or email Gwen Brockman for more information.

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