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Publication from the Dolinsky Lab in Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Science 2018

Prasoon Agarwal, DREAM Diabetes Theme post-doctoral fellow, is the lead author of a review written together with his colleagues in the DREAM theme (Taylor Morriseau, Stephanie Kereliuk, Dr. Brandy Wicklow, Dr. Christine Doucette Doucette) that was recently published in the journal Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. This paper is a comprehensive review of 200 recent original research articles covering recent experimental findings that test the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease theory with evidence from both human cohort studies and animal model systems. Specifically this review critically evaluates how maternal obesity and diabetes during pregnancy influence the developmental origins of cardiometabolic disease in the offspring and how epigenetic mechanisms are implicated. The authors address limitations and areas requiring further study so that knowledge can lead to advancements in screening, prevention and therapeutic approaches for children at risk of cardiometabolic disease development.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

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