Exposure to Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes In Utero Increases the Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

This study aimed to determine if exposure to gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes during pregnancy increased a child’s risk for type 2 diabetes in their teen years. DREAM scientist Brandy Wicklow and her team also wanted to see if the impact of diabetes exposure in the womb was different between First Nations and non-First nations offspring. Through linking a clinical pediatric diabetes database and a provincial administrative health database they studied 467 850 offspring for up to 30 years. Children exposed to type 2 diabetes had nearly a 4-fold greater increased risk for type 2 diabetes compared to those that were exposed gestational diabetes in the womeb (3.19 vs 0.80 cases per 1000

Social determinants of health are key predictors of pre-diabetes in Canadian youth

Type 2 diabetes is a complex chronic disease. Among youth, type 2 diabetes afflicts youth living in poverty and youth who are racial minorities. The research question that guided this recent study from Dr. McGavock and his team was “Are youth with pre-diabetes more likely to live in poverty or experience adverse social conditions, compared to youth with normal blood sugars?” To answer this question, we relied on data from ~3500 children and adolescents 6-19 yrs that participated in two waves of the Canadian Health Measures Survey, a national health survey led by statistics Canada. We found that 1/20 children in Canada live with pre-diabetes and similar to those living with diabetes they 2 ti

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